An Introduction to Operational Security Risk Management

An essential resource for specialists in security, safety and risk

Published in January 2019, this book was written by Dr Tony Zalewski. Entitled "An Introduction to Operational Security Risk Management" the book has been written for anyone with an interest or responsibility in security, safety and risk. It provides a framework for effective security risk management through its nine chapters.

Book Overview

This introductory book provides a sound foundation for operational security risk practitioners as well as others with an interest or responsibility for security in our rapidly changing and often unpredictable global environment.

It is not intended as an alternative to specialised texts on security issues, but rather as a supplement to theoretical perspectives and practical guidelines including standards on the subject.

As the nature and character of risk in the modern world continues to evolve and present new and unanticipated challenges, there is a need for innovative approaches to protective security which focus on the operational level where risks impact most upon people as well as the information systems, property and general business and community activities that define their everyday lives. This book makes an important contribution to this goal.

Security-related risks are an unavoidable part of day-to-day life and need to be treated seriously by all organisations regardless of size or location. But as the late German sociologist Ulrich Beck observed in his seminal work on the contemporary nature of risk, World Risk Society, in the modern world risk and responsibility are intrinsically connected.

Therefore, although risks can be categorised under any number of headings such as personnel, property, technological, legal, regulatory, financial and reputational, what is ultimately needed by those tasked with the responsibility of managing risk is a framework which acknowledges the fluidity of risk but which at the same time places human activity as the focal point of mitigation efforts.

Dr Tony Zalewski’s book makes an important contribution to this goal.

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This book is an essential resource. It supplements various guidelines and standards on the subject across its nine chapters:

  1. About Operational Security Risk Management
  2. Consultants as a Security Resource
  3. Operational Security Systems
  4. The Security Risk Framework
  5. People and Security Systems
  6. Legal Issues
  7. Occupational Violence and Aggression
  8. Emergencies & Critical Incidents
  9. The Future of Operational Security Risk Management

About the Author

Dr. Tony Zalewski has been involved in public safety for over 40 years, beginning as an operational police officer with Victoria Police, then as Founder and CEO of the multi award-winning Australian Institute of Public Safety, and more recently as an operational security risk advisor through his private company Global Public Safety Pty Ltd.

He holds four degrees from Australian Universities across the disciplines of law, criminology and the social sciences. Indeed, it is this rare blend of practical real-world experience and high-end theoretical knowledge that has resulted in Tony being a highly sought-after expert within his native Australia but also at conferences and industry forums globally.

In addition to his university qualifications, Tony has a substantial number of vocational training awards in areas of security, safety and risk. He is an experienced workplace trainer, has coached many thousands of security specialists and provided risk and related training to government agencies such as law enforcement and policing organisations, public and private security providers and personnel across a variety of industry sectors in Australia and overseas.

Tony is also a judicially recognised expert and has worked on over 500 cases providing expert advice and evidence in some of Australia’s larger personal injury cases involving security and safety. He is regularly consulted by senior lawyers to provide assistance in preparing cases involving security, risk, violence and workplace safety.

He also continues to provide risk services across industry sectors that include practical solutions for security and safety problems and remains a security and safety advisor to a number of public and private entities in Australia and abroad.


This book discusses from a practical perspective the various considerations that need to be addressed within the processes of risk assessment and risk management.

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